*Judge will call pre-drawn number for the team’s cattle as the team enters the arena.
*One cutter, three penners.
*Designated cutter is the only rider allowed to enter the herd.
*No loping into the herd by cutter.
*Team captain to signal for time to stop by raising his hand.

*To settle the herd, each ranch team will designate one person to help hold the herd while the first ranch to go on Friday night performance and Saturday night performance will be allowed to settle the herd with a maximum time limit of 5 minutes. This person may enter the herd.

*Three minute time limit for event.

Line will be next to herd. Time starts and cattle number will be called when cutter crosses line into the herd. He must cut out the correctly numbered cattle and drive them across the line to the pick-up men who will take them to the pen. Only the correctly numbered cattle should be in the pen when time is called. Any wrong numbers would mean disqualification. Team Captain has the option to call the time with only one, two or three head in the pen. The team with the fastest time and the most correctly numbered cattle penned wins. Cattle will be held in the pen after time stops so numbers may be verified by judge.