Breakaway Roping

Breakaway Roping The contestant must begin their run from the right-hand box. The contestant must use a rope with a flag that is tied securely to the saddle horn with a nylon string. The roper nods her head to call for her calf. The barrier rule applies to the breakaway roping. Failure to grant the head start will result in a ten second penalty for the contestant. After the run begins, the contestant must rope the neck of the calf. Only catches of the whole head (including the ears) with no extremities qualify as a fair catch. Once caught, the calf must break the nylon string attaching the rope to the saddle horn. The contestant is not allowed to break the string herself. Time stops when the rope breaks from the saddle horn and the judge’s flag drops. Contestants have twenty-five seconds and one loop to complete their run. Fastest time wins.